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Are you frustrated with your current web designer?
  • Not returning phone calls
  • Taking weeks or months to make the smallest updates
  • Not making changes right the first time
  • Lacking creativity

You're not alone. It can be challenging to find a web designer in Charlotte who offers professional and quality service at a fair price.

In today's competitive business climate you can longer get away with just having a web site. You need a web site design that has a compelling marketing message and can get the result that you want. We understand that there are 2 main types of web designs; ones that generate leads and ones that generate sales.

How do you generate a lead? Many businesses want their web site to get the prospect to call them. They want to generate a lead. But how do you do this effectively? Think of your web site like a salesperson. What would a sales person say or do? They would….
  1. Talk about how your products or services would solve the customers problems
  2. Show the value of doing business with you
  3. Give examples of current happy customers

Yes, they do. A good sales person wants to position your company as the expert in the industry so that the prospect can't help but say, please help me solve my problems.

So how do you do this online? There are several elements that make this happen on the home page.

Sales Letter - that speaks to the prospects frustrations with your industry.

Free Report - Like the one on our homepage. It asks the visitor for some basic personal information in return for a valuable buyers guide or information.

Testimonials - these are your raving fan clients who will validate that you are the one to do business with. Remember if you boast about how great you are, it might not be believable. If someone else says that you are great then it must be true.

Adding credibility - this could be awards, associations you are member of, books that you have written or any other credibility building activity.

Shopping carts

Many businesses have the need to sell online. There are many obstacles to navigate in an e-commerce site. We will help you avoid the pitfalls.

Custom databases and programming

We find that more and more of our clients have a need for specialty web site feature. This could be:
  • dealer locator
  • member login
  • cost calculator
  • searchable product catalog
  • shipping estimators
  • site wide search

Our experience

What can we bring to the table? Experience! Nothing can beat a proven track record. Our web design team will walk you through the process of developing your site. We will consult with you to help determine what should be on your site and how to get your message communicated.

Call us today at our Charlotte office for a free web site evaluation and consultation.

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